2020 Pool Opening Guidelines

New Pool Guidelines:

  • Currently, the state guidelines indicate commercial pools are permitted to operate at 50% capacity.  As a result, reservations are required.
  • We have established reservation periods for pool use every day.  Maximum occupancy per period 125.  These periods will allow us to have as many families as possible to enjoy the Pool (we anticipate up to 70 families per day).
  • The staff cleans and disinfects touch surfaces between each reservation period, including chairs, tables, handrails, bathrooms, etc.
  • All members must check-in at the designated table.  You may come later than the beginning time of your reservation.  You must leave before or at the designated ending time of your reservation.  Masks must be worn when entering the pool area, leaving the pool area and while ordering food.  Masks are also recommended by the health department when out of the Pool and sitting in your designated area.
  • Do not enter the Pool area before your reservation time.
  • During the reservation period, each family will have a separate seating area, distanced from other families.  We will provide tables, chairs, and loungers, members may bring chairs if they wish.
  • When out of the Pool, everyone should be in their family area and remain socially distanced.
  • While in the Pool, swimmers should remain six feet apart.
  • Entry to the Pool area and exiting the pool area will be at separate gates, and adherence to this policy is important.  
  • Bathrooms are for emergency use only.  Please come dressed for swimming.  We ask that only one person use them at a time, except parents may go in with their small children.
  • Food and drinks are served at the Snack Shop.  There is a designated area to form a line with 6 feet distancing between each person.  Please only have one person in your family, order food or drinks at a time.
  • Please discard all trash at the end of your reservation period.
  • Adult swim will not be called at the end of the morning and evening reservation periods to maximize swim time.
  • Guests are currently allowed (2 per membership, per reservation period).  Each membership receives 10 guest credits to use throughout the summer.  After the credits are used guests are charged at $5 each.

Pool Reservation System Details/FAQs - additional questions? Email [email protected]

  • We will use a web-based system for ALL reservations.  Do not call or email the club directly to make reservations.
  • Create your family profile.  First and last name fields must be completed for each person in the profile-required for contact tracing. 
  • Create one profile per family and add family members to that profile.
    • Visit the pool reservation website > In upper right-hand corner CLICK Create Account > Enter Email Address > CLICK Get Started > Complete all fields > In upper right-hand corner CLICK Sign Up > In upper right-hand corner hover over name, CLICK View Profile > Left-hand side CLICK Family > At center of page CLICK Add New Member, first and last name fields are required > CLICK Add New Member at bottom
  • Book one reservation period per "transaction" so you can cancel easily.
  • If you need to cancel your reservation, please do so as soon as possible by logging into your profile.  This will allow an additional family to use the Pool, in that time frame.
  • To CANCEL a reservation entirely, please make sure you select cancel for each person in the reservation period by using these steps:
    • Log in to your profile > View Profile > CLICK My Schedules > CLICK the reservation you want to cancel > Using the dropdown menu at the top cancel the reservation for each individual you wish to cancel.
  • Reservations can be made up to one week in advance.
  • To maximize the number of families, we're limiting the number of available reservations per family to 7 per week – one of them on a weekend day.  Please reserve only 1-time slot per Saturday or Sunday.  The week runs Sunday-Saturday.
  • Guests must be added to your reservation at time of booking.  Do not try to add them upon arrival.
  • How to ADD GUESTS to a new reservation:
    • Login to Account > Select Reservation Period you want to Book > At bottom make sure it says Me and My Family Members > Select Attendees > Add New (to add guest) > Complete first and last name field with their first and last name (not guest, etc.)  This is required for contact tracing > CLICK Add > Select the Attendees > CLICK Next > CLICK Next > Accept Terms > Confirm Booking
  • If you want to add guests to a current booking you must cancel the existing booking completely and start a new reservation.
  • Reserve only the number of people you are bringing to the Pool. The first and last name of every person entering the pool area is required for contact tracing.
  • If a reservation period is full, you will have the option to be added to the waitlist.  If there are openings, you will be notified via email.

These policies allow us to open and be as safe as possible while trying to maximize your Pool area enjoyment. We will continue to follow the current directives of the County and State Health Departments.  As we all know, the restrictions and guidelines can change quickly.  We thank you for complying with the procedures set forth, and being patient as we learn how to operate a pool safely during this challenging time.  The lifeguards and staff are here to protect everyone and serve in the best way possible.  Your cooperation and thoughtfulness towards others is greatly appreciated!