10 Event Planning Tips from the Pros Here

1.    Create a realistic budget before you begin the planning process.
2.    Be flexible.

  • a.    When booking, date and time flexibility can save money.
  • b.    Weigh options before making choices.

3.    Begin as early as possible- iron out the big details first.

  • a.    Pick a date that isn’t too close to holidays or other community events.
  • b.    Find the best venue suited for your event.

4.    Don’t be afraid to tour multiple venues.

  • a.    Tour the actual venue space you would use for your event-determine the capacity, setup, etc. prior to booking
  • b.    Make a list of things to discuss including:
  1. Type of food/drink service offered
  2. View photos of events
  3. Determine if you can bring your own vendors, catering, alcohol, etc.
  4. Ask if a day of coordinator is included
  5. Get a sample invoice

5.    Determine the vendors you will need.

  • a.    Meet with your vendors in person or talk to them on the phone prior to hiring them.  This will ensure they’re a good fit for you and your event.

6.    Stay organized-make a list of details/deadlines so nothing is missed.

  • a.    Vendor names and contact information
  • b.    Guest lists
  • c.    Food and beverage details, costs, etc.
  • d.    Payment deadlines, etc.

7.    Send Invitations out early to give guests plenty of time to plan.

  • a.    Things to include – if necessary:
  1.  RSVP information/deadline
  2. Type of food service, i.e. buffet, hors d’ oeuvres, etc.
  3. Type of alcohol service, i.e. open bar or cash bar

8.    If applicable, use social media for advertising and promotion of the event (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
9.    Delegate responsibilities.

  • a.    If it’s a large event consider hiring an event planner to help with day-of details if one isn’t included in the venue rental.

10.    Develop a backup plan.

  • a.    Consider all issues that could go wrong during the event.  
  • b.    Create a plan B – especially if planning something outdoors, make sure you have an inclement weather plan.

Interested in booking an event at the award-winning Holly Hills Country Club?  Put our team to work for you!  We can’t wait to start planning with you.

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